My History Part I
Greatest hits album by James Harrison
Released 13 January 2013 (scheduled)
Recorded May 2012-present
Genre Pop, Hip Hop, dubstep, grime, Rap, RnB


Label JAT Records
Producer James Harrison
James Harrison chronology

The Journey(2012)

My History Part I


My History Part II

Track ListingEdit

  1. Pass Out (1998)
  2. No Sleep (1998)
  3. Invincible (1998)
  4. Let The Sunshine (2003)
  5. Airplanes (2004)
  6. Nothin' On You (2004)
  7. Last Time (2004)
  8. Stay Another Day (2008)
  9. Love Love (2008)
  10. Right Round (1998)
  11. Just A Little (1998)
  12. Let Go (1998)

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