The Voice
Season 1
Broadcast from 24 March 2012 – 2 June 2012
Judges Will.I.Am
Dame Kimberley Walsh
Sir James Harrison
Sir Tom Jones
Host(s) Holly Willoughby
Reggie Yates
Broadcaster BBC One

Leanne Mitchell

Song "Run to You"
Bo Bruce and Tyler James
2012 2013

The TeamsEdit


Artists J Marie Cooper Jenny Jones Kate Read Jay Norton Heshima Thompson
Sophie Griffin Joelle Moses Frances Wood Jaz Ellington Tyler James
Dame Kimberley Walsh Ben Kelly David Faulkner Kirsten Joy Indie and Pixie Jessica Hammond
Ruth-Ann St. Luce Cassius Henry Toni Warne Becky Hill Vince Kidd
Sir James Harrison Aundrea Nyle Denise Morgan Lindsey Butler Deniece Pearson Barbara Bryceland
Samuel Buttery Adam Isaac Matt and Sueleen Ruth Brown Leanne Mitchell
Sir Tom Jones Murray Hockridge Emmy J Mac John James Newman Bill Downs Vince Freeman
Hannah Berney Aleks Josh David Julien Max Milner Bo Bruce

Battle RoundsEdit

For the battles rounds each team coach had a battle advisor and they were: Dante Santiago working with Will.I.Am, Dame Cheryl Atcherley working with Dame Kimberley Walsh, Sir Andrew Collins working with Sir James Harrison and Cerys Matthews of Catatonia working with Sir Tom Jones

Episode 1 (21 April)Edit

  • Pink background artist was eliminated
  • Green background artist won
Order Coach Artist Song
1 Jenny Jones Joelle Moses "I'm Every Woman"
2 Tom Jones Max Milner Bill Downs "Beggin"
3 James Harrison Samuel Buttery Aundrea Nyle "A Little Less Conversation"
4 Kimberley Walsh Kirsten Joy Toni Warne "Think"
5 Tom Jones Vince Freeman Bo Bruce "With or Without You"
6 Tyler James Heshima Thompson "Yeah 3x"
7 Kimberley Walsh Jessica Hammond Vince Kidd "We Found Love"
8 Jaz Ellington Jay Norton "I Heard It Through the Grapvine"
9 James Harrison Ruth Brown Deniece Pearson "No One"

Episode 2 (28 April)Edit

Order Coach Artist Song
1 Kimberley Walsh Cassius Henry David Faulkner "Beat It"
2 James Harrison Barbara Bryceland Leanne Mitchell "The Edge of Glory"
3 Frances Wood Kate Read "Ironic"
4 Tom Jones Aleks Josh Emmy J Mac "Broken Strings"
5 Kimberley Walsh Ruth-Ann St. Luce Ben Kelly "I Wanna Dance with Somebody"
6 James Harrison Matt and Sueleen Lindsey Butler "Born to Run"
7 Tom Jones Hannah Berney Murray Hockridge "Kids"
8 Kimberley Walsh Becky Hill Indie and Pixie "Irreplaceable"
9 James Harrison Denise Morgan Adam Isaac "Love Love"
10 Sophie Griffin J Marie Cooper "Firework"
11 Tom Jones David Julien John James Newman "Dakota"

Live ShowsEdit

  • Blue - Coach's Vote
  • Pink - Eliminated

We'ek 1 (28/29 April)' Edit

The first live show aired on 28 April 2012 - with Team James and Team Will performing.

  • Group performance(s): The Voice UK Coaches – "The Flood"; Team Jessie and Team Danny – "You Get What You Give" / "Don't Stop the Music"
  • Guest performance: Lana Del Rey – "Blue Jeans"
Running order
Order Coach Artist Song Result
1 Joelle Moses "I'm Goin' Down" Bottom two
2 James Harrison Samuel Buttery "A Little Respect" Eliminated
3 Frances Wood "Ain't Nobody" Safe
4 James Harrison Adam Isaac "She Will Be Loved" Safe
5 Jaz Ellington "At Last" Safe
6 James Harrison Leanne Mitchell "Who Knew" Safe
7 Sophie Griffin "Titanium" Eliminated
8 James Harrison Matt and Sueleen "Go Your Own Way" Bottom two
9 Tyler James "Higher Love" Safe
10 James Harrison Ruth Brown "Get Here" Safe

Week 2 (5/6 May) Edit

The second live show aired on 5 May 2012 - with Team Kimberley and Team Tom performing.

  • Group performance(s): Team – "Higher"; Team Tom – "What About Now?"
  • Guest performance: Emeli Sandé – "My Kind of Love"

Running order

Order Coach Artist Song Result
1 Kimberley Walsh Toni Warne "Proud Mary" Bottom two
2 Tom Jones Max Milner "Free Fallin" Bottom two
3 Kimberley Walsh Ruth-Ann St. Luce "Promise This" Eliminated
4 Tom Jones Hannah Berney "Cry Me a River" Eliminated
5 Kimberley Walsh Vince Kidd "Always on My Mind" Safe
6 Tom Jones Aleks Josh "Dream a Little Dream of Me" Safe
7 Kimberley Walsh Cassius Henry "Paradise" Safe
8 Tom Jones David Julien "Sweet Disposition" Safe
9 Kimberley Walsh Becky Hill "Good Luck" Safe
10 Tom Jones Bo Bruce "Running Up That Hill" Safe

Week'''' 3 (12/13 May)' Edit

The third live show aired on Saturday 12 May 2012 - with Team James and Team Will performing. Both judges had to eliminate two of their artists, leaving them with two each for the semi-final shows.

Running order

Order Coach Artist Song[citation needed] Result[citation needed]
1 Tom Jones Leanne Mitchell "I Put a Spell on You" Bottom three
2 Frances Wood "Show Me Love" Eliminated
3 Tom Jones Matt and Sueleen "Missing" Eliminated
4 Joelle Moses "What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)" Eliminated
5 Tom Jones Ruth Brown "Next to Me" Safe
6 Tyler James "Sign Your Name" Bottom three
7 Tom Jones Adam Isaac "High and Dry" Eliminated
8 Jaz Ellington "Just the Way You Are" / "Just the Way You Are" Safe