What Will the Neighbours Say?
220px-WWTNS GA
Studio Album by Girls Aloud
Released 29 November 2004
Recorded April - September 2004

Birmingham, England

Genre Pop, dance pop, power pop
Length 51:15
Label JAT Records
Producer James Harrison
Girls Aloud chronology
Sound of the Underground(2003) What Will the Neighbours Say?


Chemistry (2005)
Singles from What Will the Neighbours Say?
  1. "Jump"

Released: 17 November 2003

  1. "The Show"

Released: 28 June 2004

  1. "Love Machine"

Released: 13 September 2004

  1. "I'll Stand by You"

Released: 15 November 2004

  1. "Wake Me Up"

Released: 21 February 2005

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "The Show" James Harrison 3:36
2. "Love Machine" Harrison and Andrew Collins 3:25
3. "I'll Stand by You" Chrissie Hynde, Tom Kelly, Billy Steinberg 3:43
4. "Jump" Steve Mitchell, Marti Sharron, Gary Skardina 3:39
5. "Wake Me Up"
(ft. JAT)
Harrison, Collins and Cheryl Atcherley 3:27
6. "Deadlines & Diets" Harrison, Collins, C Atcherley & Thomas Atcherley 3:57
7. "Big Brother" Harrison, Kimberley Walsh, T Atcherley 3:58
8. "Hear Me Out" Harrison, Walsh & Nicola Roberts 3:42
9. "Graffiti My Soul"
(ft. JAT)
Harrison, Collins & Roberts 3:14
10. "Real Life" Collins 3:41
11. "Here We Go" Harrison, C Atcherley, Collins 3:45
12. "Thank Me Daddy" Harrison, Sarah Harding, Ryan Wilson 3:22
13. "I Say a Prayer for You" Harrison, Wilson, Harding, Nadine Coyle 3:33
14. "100 Different Ways" JAT, Girls Aloud 3:41

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